Guppy Fry Care: What To Feed Guppy Fry(Guide 2021)

Guppy Fry Care: What To Feed Guppy Fry(Guide 2021)

Guppies are one of the low-maintained fish to be kept in the aquarium. They have quite different breeding styles.

The fact is, guppies are live-bearing species. It means they give birth to young ones known as guppy fries.

The female guppy can give birth to 20 to 60 fries at a time. After the fish has grown to 2 years, they can give birth to guppy fries after every one month.

Raising these guppy fries is somewhat challenging and demands more care. Because guppy can also eat their fries in just a few days. So while raising the guppy fries, you must know how to protect and feed them.

What To Feed Guppy Fry? How often to feed guppy fry? You will get all the answers in this post.

How to Save Your Guppy Fries?

If you do not keep your pregnant fish out of the main tank, chances are there that the fries will be eaten. Not only other fishes but the parents can also eat the guppy fries. You have to take some measures to prevent the guppy fries.

One easy way is to move the fries to the breeding or spawning box. Raise the fries in a separate box unless they attain the size of fish. Then you can move them to the tank. Different boxes are available in the pet shop. You can buy according to your choice or budget.

If you are more concerned about the guppy fry care, you can move them to a separate tank. Though it will be difficult and time-consuming to maintain two tanks. But if you can do it, it is an excellent choice. Guppy fries will grow better in a separate tank.

But if you don’t have time, an alternative is to densely plant the aquarium. Plants will provide a lot of hiding places for the guppy fries. With the support of plants, they can be saved from eating up by parents or other fishes. But chances of occasional loss and eating are always there.

What Do Guppy Fry Eat?

Newborn guppy fries are almost the size of 6 mm. They start eating after they are born. Extra care is required to feed guppy fry. Their mouth is tiny and cannot eat larger things. Additionally, they are like a little packet of hunger.

They can eat all the food provided to them as adult eats. Even they can eat after an hour. But you should not do that. Guppy fries need a balanced diet full of essential nutrients and proteins.

Because their body is continuously changing shape and they need energy for their developmental process. So for the answer to what do guppy fry eat is simple. You can feed guppy fry from live food to flakes to encourage their growth.

Live Food is the Best and First Choice

As I mentioned earlier, fries need protein food to keep pace with growth. Live food is full of proteins and other nutrients for fries.

Baby Brine Shrimp: Newly hatched or baby brine shrimp is the best food for guppy fries. They have high nutritional content being rich in fats and lipids. Fats serve as the main source of energy during the developmental process. Feeding guppy fry with live food of brine shrimp will fulfill the energy demand of guppy fry.

Daphnia: Daphnia is also a great food for guppy babies. They are high in protein content and helps in building the muscles of fries. But the threat may be the invasion of parasite attack to the guppy fries through live daphnia. So be careful while feeding daphnia to guppy fries.

Micro worms: Micro worms are the best source of providing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to the fries. Feeding micro worms will boost the developmental process of fries to change into an adult. Due to their high protein and fat content, micro worms are an excellent food for guppy fries.

Vinegar eels: vinegar eels also have the same nutritional value as micro worms except for carbohydrates. They can live for many days in the tank without causing foul or mess unless eaten by fries. Live vinegar eels are great in the fact they cause the fries to swim behind them.

Commercial Food

Guppy fry eat live food as priority. But if live food is not available, you can opt for commercial food like frozen or freeze-dried. The major benefit of commercial food is its high quality and they are free from parasites or bacteria.

Nutrients of the live food are stored either in frozen or freeze-dried form. Moisture is removed from the commercial form so that you may soak it in water to retain the moisture.

Fries have very tiny mouths they cannot digest large or hard food. Give the food in small pieces and the soft form to fries. You can buy freeze-dried brine shrimp, bloodworms, or daphnia to feed guppy fries.

Flakes: Flakes are another good option to feed guppy fries. Choose the high-quality flakes specifically designed for guppy fries. Check the nutritional count of the pack to ensure that flakes will promote the growth of fries. Flakes are of larger size, cannot be engulfed by fries. Crush the flakes in smaller pieces to be digested easily by fries.

Homemade Food

Despite the live and commercial food, guppy fries can eat homemade food.

You can feed egg yolk to the fries. Egg yolk has a high content of proteins, which is of great value for fries. Mash the yolk of the hard-boiled egg and make a thick paste. Provide a small quantity of egg yolk to the fries twice or thrice a day.

Super Homemade Food:
You can follow this recipe to make super homemade food for guppy fries. Blend the dried brine shrimps, chopped carrot, peels of potato, inside of watermelon peel, and Gotu Kala.

After all the ingredients have blended finely, dry them in the sunshine for about three days.

After the mixture is dried, use mortar and pestle to grind them into fine pieces. Sprinkle this homemade food into the fry tank, they will eat it readily.

In short, guppy fry can eat homemade food of vegetables to obtain nutrients.

How Often to Feed Guppy Fry

Guppy fry is going to eat everything provided to them. They have a short digestion time of about 15-20 minutes.

It’s means they can eat the food after every twenty minutes. But that’s not an affordable and wise choice. If you are keeping the fishes for breeding, you must feed them 5-10 times a day.

This will boost their growth and they will cover the stage from fries to adults in a short time. But if you are keeping them for fun and beautiful interior, feeding once a day will be enough.

Tank Maintenance for Guppy Fries

As the temperature of the guppy tank is maintained, you don’t need to worry about fries. They will be happy with the adults. But if you are keeping the fries in a separate tank, you will have to take proper care.

You should take certain measures to keep the fries happy and healthy.

Temperature: Warmer temperature is best for guppy fries to thrive. The metabolism of fries speeds up in the warm water. As a result, they will be hungry and eat more. So they will grow at a faster rate. A temperature of about 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for guppy fries.

Light: As the fishes also have circadian rhythms, so they need an alternate period of light and dark for proper growth and a natural sleep cycle. You can increase the hours of light for the guppy fry tank. Light will ensure their growth without any deformities in the body. Light of 14-16 hours is good. Alter the light with a dark period of 6-8 hours.

Water: Mess and waste of tank disturb the fries and adults. Besides the natural waste of fries, feeding also causes waste in the tank. So, changing half of the water twice a week will go a good hand in cleanliness. Being more concerned about guppy fry care, you can change the water daily. Clean water has a positive impact on the growth of fries.

Bottom Line

Now, you have a clear idea of what do guppy fry eat. Guppy fries can eat a diverse variety of a balanced diet with nutrients and minerals. You can feed guppy fry with live food, frozen, freeze-dried food, or homemade food like vegetables or yolk. No doubt, fries are always hungry and need more to eat. But provide a sufficient quantity of food necessary for their growth and don’t create a mess in the tank. With regular feeding, guppy fry care involves tank maintenance as well.


When You Should Start Feeding Your Guppy Fry

It is interesting to know that guppy fry will start eating after some time of their birth. Literally, guppy fry will eat within two to five hours of their birth. They can eat all things like adults. Even, you can feed them 10 times a day.

Do Guppy Fries eat Algae?

Yes, like with adults, guppy fries can readily eat algae. Naturally grown algae in the tank have high nutritional value for fries. Algae has enough protein content to serve as a small meal for guppy fries. In fact, the algae are harmless for fries.

How Many Guppy Fries will Survive in One Batch?

The rate of guppy fries’ survival depends upon the conditions provided. If you kept them in the tank with other fishes and adults, there are increased chances of fries being eaten by adults. Generally, 5-10 fries can survive in each breeding session.

How Fast Does Guppy Fries Grow?

Fries when born have a size of 6mm. Guppy fries can grow to the size of 2 inches in the first sixth months. So you can say that the fries grow about 0.3 inches each month. Feeding high nutrient food can grow the fries at a faster rate.

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