How Long Can Goldfish Go Without Food?

How Long Can Goldfish Go Without Food?

Goldfish with flashy colors, large eyes, and beautiful fins is one of the most kept aquarium pets.

Goldfish vary in colors, body shape, and size and are found in the market in varied breeds.

Scientifically, goldfish is known as Carassius auratus. It is commonly found in freshwater or pond water. In captivity, goldfish also require a pond-like environment with plants and dirt. Though it is difficult to maintain in the aquarium, yet goldfish will thrive in a muddy environment.

Like other fishes, goldfish also prefer to eat live food along with pellets and flakes. How long can goldfish go without food is important to know for certain cases? Goldfish needs proper food for their health and better wellbeing.

Are you going on vacation?

As a goldfish keeper, it will be your worry to know how long a goldfish can go without eating.

How to keep her healthy and how many days you can leave her lonely in the house. In this post, you will learn completely about goldfish food and how long can they survive without eating.

Let’s dive right in:

What is the Best Diet for Your Goldfish?

It is a common misconception that goldfish can survive on just plants or flakes. However, goldfish are omnivorous in wild. They eat mosquito larvae, insects, and zooplankton. You may believe that goldfish can eat anything. But that’s not true and real.

Goldfish require a complete and balanced diet to be healthy.

Your goldfish needs a diversity of food with taste and nutrients. Live food such as smaller fish, insects, and larvae serves as the natural diet for goldfish. Wild-caught live animals carry a risk for goldfish as they can transmit the parasite.

Goldfish pellets and flakes are a good choice. These are easy to feed and don’t create much mess in the tank if properly given to goldfish.

Goldfish tends to eat food at the bottom of the tank so you can buy sinking pellets. You might wonder, but the algae wafers are a great source of protein for goldfish. Goldfish tank must consist of algae as goldfish will eat it. Frozen and freeze-dried food of lobsters or bloodworms may prove a good alternative for live food.

Your goldfish will definitely like to eat live plants in an aquarium-like Azolla or Anacharis. You must feed goldfish with the balanced diet of all these groups. A proper diet will keep your goldfish active and healthy, and you can enjoy it by seeing them moving happily in the tank. Marinating a goldfish tank with live plants and pebbles could be tough, but you can do it by care and following some tips.

How Long Can a Goldfish Live Without Food

Keeping your goldfish at fast will not be good for their health. They need to be fed properly in a day. Anyhow, goldfish can live for two weeks without food. But goldfish will not thrive and enter into a state of malnourishment if kept hungry for fourteen days.

Your goldfish will try to survive on the algae of the tank when unfed for more days. Organizations and experts that goldfish can survive for many days without eating, but you should not do that.
If you are going on vacation, you may worry about the goldfish eating.

Here’s the deal:
Try to manage your vacations for 5-7 days. Goldfish can survive for one week by eating plants or reserve food for their body. Generally, four days of hungry goldfish will not suffer much health loss.

After that size, shape, the shine of the skin, and the color of anything, gets affected. Prolonged starvation can lead to the death of goldfish, depending upon the situation. You must try to find an alternative way to feed goldfish in case of long vacations.

How Frequent Should You Feed Your Goldfish

Feeding properly and in an ideal manner is necessary for goldfish. Both low feeding and over-feeding affect goldfish negatively.

Goldfish tend to eat everything provided to them at any time. You have to be careful while feeding goldfish. Although this is a fact that goldfish can live without food, but you should not practice it.

Feeding in an improper and irrelevant manner reduces the weight of goldfish, and they show odd behavior. Feeding goldfish two to three times a day is enough and best. Don’t overfeed goldfish as it can cause constipation, indigestion, and other health issues. In certain cases, overfeeding can prone a goldfish to death.

Experts recommend providing a portion of food to goldfish that they can eat in two minutes. Anyhow, if you miss one-time food, don’t make the mistake of providing a greater portion for the next time.

If you provide more food and goldfish don’t eat, it will settle at the bottom of the tank. Uneaten food will cause dirt in the tank. Goldfish is not as easy to keep and maintain. They require much care and guidance for their health and wellbeing. You should try to go up with a schedule of feeding for goldfish and follow it regularly.

What is the Average Lifespan of Your Goldfish?

It is interesting to know that the average lifespan of goldfish is about 10 to 30 years. A gold of highest living for about 45 years has also been reported.

How much do goldfish live depends upon the environment and your care. They can die after 5 years or can live for 15 years.

There are many points to consider for goldfish life. You can increase the average lifespan of goldfish to 15 years with proper care. The rule of thumb is to keep the goldfish in at least 50 gallons.

Relying on the myth that goldfish can live in a bowl or small bottle will cause a great loss to goldfish.

You can increase their average lifespan by providing them pond-like habitat. The setting of the tank is an important measure towards the health of goldfish. Live plants and pebbles must be part of the tank with maintained water temperature. Keep the tank environment clean. Dirty water will cause disease to goldfish.

How long can you feed your goldfish is going to determine the well-being of goldfish. Your goldfish cannot live much longer without food.

So provide them ideal diet at the best time in the day and week. Overcrowding or overstocking a tank or aquarium, tends the goldfish to be stressed or underdeveloped. For your goldfish to live long and be active, take proper care of habitat and diet.

How to Take Care of Goldfish When You Are on Vacation

It may be a challenging time for goldfish when you are on vacation. It is recommended not to adopt the fact that goldfish can go a long without food.

Before going on vacations your necessary steps taken can prove beneficial for goldfish aiding in their better survival. You can ask your friend or neighbor to take care of your fish. They can give food to your goldfish, which is your main trouble. If you don’t have any friends to do this, try for an alternative.

The best alternative is to use an automatic fish feeder. You just buy it and set the timing according to the best schedule. The automatic feeder will provide food to fish as per the provided time and ratio.

As you know, there are also some dark aspects of using an automatic feeder. It may not work properly. They can add a lot of food to the tank. This has dual side-effects. The first goldfish will overeat the food as much unless they feel unwell. Second, it will create dirt in the pond causing many other issues for fish.

Some goldfish keepers consider it a good option to use compressed blocks of food. They give it to goldfish while going on vacations. These blocks serve as a blast of ammonia or nitrate for goldfish. When you put these blocks in the water they turn sludgy and disturb the environment of the tank. It can cause poisoning for goldfish.

Changing the existing water of tank with new and freshwater will be best. You can easily keep your fish in new water for two weeks. Unhygienic and dirty water reduces the lifespan of goldfish.

Bottom Line

It is evident and distinct for you now that goldfish live for fourteen days without food. It should be just in case of severe need, not a common practice. How and what you feed your goldfish reflects on their health. Give proper care to your goldfish, and try the best alternatives when you are on vacation.


How Long does it Take For a Goldfish to Starve to Death?

Goldfish needs a proper diet at best timings. Diet is very crucial for goldfish health. Goldfish can survive for two weeks without eating. After that, goldfish can become malnourished and ultimately death occurs.

How Do You Know Goldfish is Hungry?

Keeping goldfish hungry for more than one week affects negatively both the physical and mental health of fish. Don’t force them to live a long time without food. If you observe the following signs, it means your goldfish is hungry. They will show aggressive behavior either attack the other fish. They will search the tank and go to the bottom to find food. A decrease in weight or sluggish behavior determines your fish is hungry.

What Human Food Can Goldfish Eat?

You can face the situation of a shortage of food. Then you can feed some human food to goldfish. As goldfish is omnivorous, so they can eat both animals and plants. Goldfish can eat fruits like mango, grapes, oranges, and bananas. You can also give vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and peas to goldfish. Besides fruits and vegetables, goldfish can also eat some cooked rice.

So that’s all for my guide to how long can goldfish live without food.
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