How Long Can a Betta Go Without Food?

How Long Can a Betta Go Without Food?

Siamese fighting fish are also known as Betta fish is one of the eye-catchy creatures with iridescent scales, unique colors, and long fins flowing around like an underwater ball gown. Betta fish is best, cheap, and decorative too, making your fish tank looking awesome. They are one of the most popular aquarium fish living in freshwater. The betta fish is native to Thailand and is now found in many countries like Cambodia and Vietnam.

It is a common misconception and misleading among people that betta is very easy to keep in a fish tank. This is not completely true. Although betta can survive without food for many days, yet there is too much to know related to the care and food of betta fish.

So, are you going on a vacation or visiting tour? Worried about your betta fish diet and health. Want to know how long can your betta go without food. Well, don’t need to worry. In this post, you will learn complete all about your betta food and health.

What is Best Diet for Betta Fish?

The betta fish is carnivorous- definitely eating meat and protein food. Mostly, they eat insect larvae, shrimps, carrions, small worms, bloodworms, and daphnia. Live food is the best diet for betta fish-it will be costly for betta keepers.

There are many other options available for a betta to feed. You can choose any option depending upon your choice and to maintain a balanced diet for the betta. Flakes are one of the cheap options and are easily available.

If you are feeding your betta with flakes as primary food, think of live food and freshly prepared food to provide complete nutrition. Apart from flakes, pallets are more nutritious with high-quality and you can use them on daily basis.

Freeze-dried food or frozen food can be a good substitute for flakes and pallets. Betta fish require a balanced diet of meat, plants, and those available in the market when you have a betta in the fish tank. They can’t survive on plants lonely. Understand what betta wants to eat and which food keeps him healthy. PETA recommends giving food to betta as much as they can eat for three minutes.

How Long Can a Betta Go Without Food

How Long can a Betta Fish go Without Eating?

This is the most frequently asked question by betta keepers. Literally, it depends on which environment you keep your betta in. But in general, betta can survive for 14 days or two weeks without eating in the case of an adult fish.

Betta fries can survive for 3 days without eating externally when they start swimming. It is strongly forbidden to keep the betta fasting for more than 7 days. This is because after some days’ betta will enter starvation mode, surviving on reserve and this can even lead to organ failure.

A few days’ bettas can easily survive without eating. And when the condition of fasting prolongs after one week, betta will suffer the effect of stress. This can even lead to the death of betta. If you are going on vacation for 5-7 days, leaving the fish unfed for these days will be okay. But be careful not to exceed the days of starvation for betta as it will have negative effects on its health.

How Often Should I Feed my Betta

Betta fish when fully grown has an average size of 2.25 inches-so feeding betta twice a day will be enough. Skipping one-day food or a break in a week will help in digesting the past food eaten to prevent toxin formation.

So, if you go out for a weekend vacation, you don’t need to worry about betta. She will be fine at the end of the day and you can feed her at night. Avoid the mistake of mixing the portions of different foods as it can cause health issues. Betta has the ability to eat a lot of food, but over-eating can lead to constipation and bloating. Bettas are more sensitive to overfeeding, so you should take care of their food.

Pro Tip: Never add too much food to the aquarium or fish tank. If betta doesn’t eat it, it can cause ammonia and nitrite toxicity. Ammonia toxicity can harm the gills and eyes. While nitrite will cause Brown Blood Disease to the betta. It is a condition in which nitrite poison turns the fish’s blood to brown color.

How to Keep Betta Fish Healthy While You are on Vacation

It’s normal for families to have a vacation. If you are a betta keeper and you want to go on vacations, following these points can keep your betta fish healthy. Make sure to provide optimum and favorable conditions necessary for the healthy living of betta.

First, maintain the water temperature. Betta is a tropical fish-keep in warm water. The temperature of 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit will best and optimum to keep betta healthy. An important benefit of low temperature is betta will reduce its metabolism level or activity. Mean they will not use more of their stored food. So, betta can go a long without eating at a low temperature.

Place the tank in moderate light, not in direct sunlight or darkroom. Also, change the 50% or 100% water of the tank before going on vacation.

You can also use an automatic fish feeder after ensuring it works properly. And it will not overfeed betta. As betta can go a long for 14 days without eating, but it will compel betta to enter starvation mode.

Try to manage a vacation of 6-7 days, it will be enough for a betta to survive.

How Long can a Betta Fish go Without Eating

How Long can Your Betta Fish Survive?

Generally speaking, the average lifespan of your betta fish is about 2-3 years.

In most cases, up to 3-5 years can also be achieved. It totally depends on the conditions and environment that you provide betta to live in. Betta can survive to 5 years in rare cases if you take care of a betta and give proper tank conditions.

Most bettas sold at shops are of six months to one year for females and males respectively. But most people prefer to keep males because of their shiny and flashy colors. By taking proper care, you can expect betta to survive two to three years after buying from a shop. But keep in mind to maintain optimum conditions.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Betta Fish?

There are too many points to consider and follow when you want to increase the lifespan of your betta fish. As a betta keeper, you will definitely want to extend the life of betta. By following these points, you can provide a quality life to the betta.

First, keep the tank water clean. Not only visible dirt but also chemicals from uneaten food can contaminate the water. It is recommended to change half of the water after two or three days. As betta can live in a small quantity of water, so provide limited food that betta can easily eat.

For a single betta, a 5-gallon water tank is enough. Untreated tap water contains chlorine or other contaminants. So before adding tap water to the tank, use a water conditioner to remove disinfectants or chemicals.

Maintain the temperature of the fish water tank. Betta is a tropical fish and could not survive in cold water. A temperature of 75 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit will be best to keep fish healthy and active.

Proper diet is also a major factor governing how much your betta will survive. Provide a balanced diet to betta with living food, pellet, and flaxes. To avoid constipation fiber diet must be included. Remember not to overfeed betta.

To improve the oxygen level in the tank, you can also add plants. Like ancharias and java fern plants, they will create a natural environment for the betta. These plants not only provide hiding places to betta but also reduce ammonia levels and algae problems.

Bottom Line

By wrapping all the discussion, you can say betta fish can go a long for 14 days without eating. But the point of consideration is betta will suffer it at the cost of their life. Such prolonged fasting can cause betta to enter starvation mode, or death may occur.

I’ll recommend that 5-7 days will be enough for a betta to survive without eating food. If you are going on vacation, try to manage it for one week. Also by providing proper food and conditions you can increase the lifespan of your betta.


How to set up a betta fish tank

By following some points, you can easily set up a betta fish tank. The tank must be at least five gallons for a single betta. Ten gallons will be best for a pair of betta. PETA recommends cycling the water for several weeks before adding the fish. Add clean and conditioned water at the optimum temperature.

What Betta fish need in their tank?

Betta needs everything from food to optimum water in their tank. They need warm water, filtration, proper food, some plants, and caves to explore. They also need light to wake up as they sleep over dark.

What Human Food betta can eat?

It is interesting to know that betta can eat food like us. Bettas can eat peas and softy greens like cucumber and lettuce. They can also mango and single boiled kernel. Raw shrimp or tuna can also be the food of betta.

Do betta fish die Easily?

No, betta fish don’t die easily. Several parameters including lack of food and water will compel the betta to die. Too cold water or not eating for more than two weeks will cause the death of betta.

That’s all for my guide to how long can a betta go without food.
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