Do Betta Fish Need Light-The Ultimate Guide(2021)

Do Betta Fish Need Light-The Ultimate Guide(2021)

Betta is a tropical fish native to Thailand. By keeping in mind its natural habitat, it will be easy to find the answer to do betta fish like the light. Betta fish belong to the tropics and shallow water of Thailand. Where they have plenty of natural light-sunlight. So the answer is definitely yes, betta fish like and need light.

As a betta keeper, you want your fish to be healthy and happy. Light is also a great factor in governing the health of betta. Like you, betta also needs light to maintain their natural sleeping cycle. But there are some points to consider and follow to provide light to the betta.

How much light does betta need? Which type of light will be best? What are the ideal hours of lighting for a betta? These are some general questions in the mind of every betta keeper. Well, in this post you will get brief answers to all your questions. So keep studying:

Do Betta Fish Like Light

Betta fish need light for a specific period of time. In wild, betta fish lives in shaded water with plenty of light. Therefore in captivity, betta fish also require light for their normal routine. In simple words, betta fish like light to maintain their sleeping pattern.

Betta knows when to sleep and when to awake. But the hours of light need to be regular and ideal. If you don’t want to provide stress to betta, give proper hours of light and dark. Be mindful of water temperature when you are providing light to the betta. Overstimulation and stress are common phenomenons that relate to light-either too much or less.

Why Do Betta Fish Need Light?

This is important to know why betta fish need light, especially at night.

The answer is based on scientifically proven facts. We know that humans have circadian rhythms means they sleep at night, in dark. And wake up in the morning-in sunlight.

Likewise, betta have also circadian rhythms. Mean their natural sleeping and awaking cycles are dependent on light. Thus providing light to betta is necessary and is their basic need. Betta prefers to sleep in dark.

If you don’t provide light to betta, their natural sleep cycle will be disturbed. Not only sunlight is necessary, but you can maintain artificial light over the tank. Betta will tend to follow the rule of thumb-sleep at night and wake with the light.

Can Betta Fish Live Without Light?

To the point, the answer is betta cannot live without light.

We know betta wakes up with the light. If the light is not available, it will affect their natural sleeping cycle.

It also causes health issues for the betta. When betta doesn’t get the natural environment in the tank, they fall prey to stress. It also answers to question that “if betta fish needs light at night”.

For betta to be healthy both in behavior and physical, betta doesn’t need light at night. Too much dark make betta stressed and they can also lose their natural color.

Sometimes, the light also causes the fish to be abnormal. After installing the light check the abnormal behavior of betta. Replace the light if you found such a situation.

Which Light is Best-Artificial or Natural

For the well-being of your betta, light is necessary to reach the tank. It doesn’t matter in which area you live.

If you could not provide sunlight to fish, provide artificial light. Because betta fish cannot live without light.

Betta requires light to maintain its health and cycles. Both artificial and natural light can be good but in proper quantity and time. There are many risks of providing direct sunlight to the tank.

Betta fish like a light if it prevents them from stress. It is difficult to say what exactly will be the best light because each has its own pros and cons.

Direct sunlight can promote the growth of plants in the tank. Try to choose a more effective light way. If you want to give sunlight-remember, it should not warm the water.

How Many Hours You Should Provide Light

Duration of light majorly affects the health of betta. Too much or not enough light both have adverse effects on the betta.

If you provide too much light to betta, overstimulation can disturb the sleeping hour of betta in the daytime.

As a result, stress can overcome betta due to being more active. Betta is a picky eater, too much light will prevent them from eating. Their natural biological clock and circadian rhythms will become unable to differentiate the time of eating or sleeping.

The poor appetite of betta breeds many other health issues. Too dim light is going to affect the colors and health of betta. Ideally, a light of 10-12 hours is necessary for a betta to be healthy. These hours must be replaced with dark to keep the environment stable.

Why You Should Prevent Direct Sunlight

Keeping the betta tank in exposure to direct sunlight can be hazardous. First, it can heat the water even up to boiling.

Fluctuations in water temperature are a contributor to stress. Clamped fins or faded color will show that your betta is stressed. In most cases, stress can cause the death of betta fish if prolonged.
Direct sunlight also promotes the growth of algae in the tank.

Excessive sunlight can lead to algae blooms-dirtying the water. Green algae grow in the presence of sunlight, is almost harmless for the betta. But it disturbs the environment of the tank.
By keeping in mind the disadvantages of direct sunlight, try to avoid it.

Betta requires a proper and stable environment in the tank. Direct sunlight will be more dangerous for smaller tanks as they will act as a magnifying glass. Mean it will spread the sunlight over the tank with a greater ratio.

How to Provide Artificial Light to Betta

Different aquariums come with lights already installed. They provide a beautiful view of the aquarium and can have a positive effect on the betta. These lights have different colors other than typical white light.

If you have a low-budget alternative way is to install fluorescent light above the aquarium. Remember not to exceed the duration of light to 14 hours. Turn off the light after 8-10 hours.

Incandescent bulbs are not recommended as they will heat the light. Instead, you should install the LED light bulb for the betta. It is cheap and doesn’t have adverse effects on the betta.

Fluorescents light bulbs are a good choice in case you don’t have LED lights. Your betta fish like a light if it provides natural day and night time. Maintaining 12-16 hours of dark is necessary. Also, keep an eye on that water should not touch the light because it can create many issues.

If you are more possessive of your betta, you can make a rough estimation of watts of light. Generally, the fish tank is about 5-10 gallons. So for an LED light bulb, 1 watt per gallon will be enough and 1.5-3 watts for the fluorescent bulb. You can buy a timer to remind you or to maintain the natural cycle of day and night.

Fit the timer with the light. And set the timer according to the rule of thumb of light hours. It will directly on and off the lights according to set timing. Your worry of maintaining the light hours is easily resolved by a timer.

Bottom Line

Apart from all the facts have explained related to betta need of light-there is much more to consider and pay attention to. You know that betta like light and need it in the daytime. But when you are going to maintain light for the betta tank, keep some points in mind.

  • Prefer artificial light over the sunlight.
  • LED light bulbs should be your priority.
  • Use light bulbs specifically designed for the betta tank.
  • Keep the hours of light maintained.
  • Using a timer will be a good option.

So, that’s all for my guide to do betta fish like and need light.
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