Can Goldfish Eat Bread (What Human Foods Can You Feed Goldfish) 2021

Can Goldfish Eat Bread (What Human Foods Can You Feed Goldfish) 2021

Goldfish are the most greedy eaters among aquarium fishes. They can eat all the food that you throw in the tank. Goldfish don’t refuse any kind of food to fulfill their appetite. But the careless attitude towards eating can pose a threat to the life of goldfish.

Goldfish can eat a wide variety of foods from commercial food to human food. But you should follow some points while feeding goldfish.

Can goldfish eat bread? What human foods can goldfish eat? After a lot of research, I have collected the answers to these questions.

Let’s dive right in:

Can You Feed Goldfish Bread?

Goldfish are omnivorous mean they can eat both plants and animals based diet. Depending upon their nature, you can feed goldfish bread. But there are some concern points that you must follow while feeding bread to goldfish.

Just a bit of bread goldfish can eat and consume. But excessive and scheduled feeding of bread can be fatal.

Why You Should Not Feed Goldfish Bread

Goldfish suffers from these issues by eating bread:

Goldfish stomach cannot digest the gluten in bread, leading to diseases like constipation and indigestion.

Yeast in the bread swells or expands in the delicate stomach of goldfish, causing swim bladder disease (SBD).

In the same way, bread crumbs can also cause serious intestinal disorders.

Goldfish can survive for two weeks without eating food. So you should feed bread goldfish as the least choice and in small quantity.

Eating bread causes a lot of pain and discomfort for fish and eventually causes death. Even the United Kingdom has banned using bread as bait for fishing or feeding aquarium fish.

How Feeding Bread Causes Constipation

Goldfish needs a completely balanced diet full of fiber and nutrients. Bread does not have fiber and has an increased quantity of gluten.

Goldfish’s digestive system secretes some enzymes that cannot digest gluten. The result is constipation in goldfish.

Generally, constipation refers to the indigestion of food that causes difficulty in passing out waste. Blockage occurs in the intestine, making serious discomfort for goldfish. Prolonged constipation eventually leads to the death of fish.

How Feed Bread causes SBD

The goldfish swim bladder is the air-filled organ that controls the buoyancy in goldfish.

Swim Bladder Disorder refers to the irregularities in buoyancy and swimming of goldfish.

Bread swells in the goldfish stomach and they suffer problems in swimming. Common symptoms of swim bladder disorder are irregular swimming, restlessness, and lethargy.

Goldfish may float on the surface, on the bottom, or on one side of the tank. One word for all the facts is you should avoid feeding bread to goldfish. There are a lot of other food options that you can opt for if you run short of goldfish food.

What Human Food Can Goldfish Eat

Besides live food or flakes, goldfish can eat a diverse variety of human foods. Most of these foods are the best alternatives and healthy food for goldfish.

Goldfish can eat human food ranging from green vegetables to fruits. Here’s the list of human food that goldfish can eat:

Fibrous Vegetables Are a Best and Healthy Choice

Want a replacement and alternative for bread? Green vegetables are the best choice. As they fulfill the omnivorous need of goldfish. Goldfish need plants and vegetables in their diet for wellbeing. Feeding vegetables twice a week is necessary and healthy. You can feed the following green and fibrous vegetables to goldfish.


Fresh peas are a treasure of fiber for goldfish. They are both tasty and healthy for goldfish. Peas are effective for treating constipation in goldfish. They can also treat some floating problems in goldfish. You can feed fresh peas once a week to goldfish. It will prevent constipation and markup fiber deficiency. Peas serve as nutritious snacks for goldfish. Remove the skin of peas to make it easily digestible for goldfish. If your goldfish is constipated, feed them peas for 2-3 days. Feeding peas will treat their constipation. But don’t exceed the limits, two to three peas per day will be enough.


Lettuce is rich in nutrients and fibers. It is a common human food that goldfish can eat. Goldfish can eat different types of lettuce, but red leaf lettuce is healthy. It will not cause digestive issues to goldfish. You can feed lettuce as it is or can mix it with some other foods. Wash the lettuce with water to rinse the dirt and hang to the lettuce clip. Never cook the lettuce.


Definitely, goldfish can eat carrots that are also healthy. Carrots are known to have a high concentration of carotenoids. Thus improves the color of goldfish. As goldfish obtain orange color from the food they eat, rather than preparing in the body. So carrots provide color pigments to goldfish. But before feeding carrots to goldfish, keep in mind some points. Don’t feed carrot pieces as it is to goldfish. Because carrots are hard to chew and digest for goldfish. Boil the carrot for some time to soften it and then chop it into small pieces. Provide the boiled and finely chopped carrots to goldfish.


Broccoli is the best green vegetable that goldfish can eat. It has a high quantity of fiber, potassium, iron, and vitamins (C, K). All these nutrients are healthy for goldfish. They boost the immune system of goldfish and increase resistance again diseases. Like other vegetables, broccoli is a hard nut to crack for goldfish. So, boil or steam the broccoli and chop it into fine pieces. Limit the quantity to avoid digestive issues.

Other Vegetables that Goldfish Can Eat

Besides peas and lettuce, goldfish can eat many other vegetables that supplement essential nutrients. Vegetables are commonly available in most houses. If you run short of food, you can feed these vegetables to goldfish.

    • Spinach
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Zucchini
    • Cucumber
    • Cabbage
    • Kale
    • Beans

Fruits Are a Good Treat for Your Goldfish

Fruits are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. They are an excellent treat for goldfish being free in fat and calories. You can feed fruits twice a week to supplement nutrients and minerals. Fruits are healthy for goldfish in small quantities. You can feed the following fruits to goldfish.


Apples contain a high quantity of nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals like potassium. In the list of human food that goldfish can eat, an apple is a nutritious fruit. Apples keep goldfish active, healthy and maintain their color. Follow some points to give apples to goldfish. Rinse the apple with water to clean it. Peel the skin of the apple to prevent choking in goldfish. Not necessarily, but briefly microwave the apple to soften it. Because hard things cause many digestion problems for goldfish. Apples are a good treat for goldfish to be given once a week.


Packed with vitamin C & K and carbohydrates, grapes are good human food that goldfish can eat. Wash and peel the grape to remove the skin. Then chop the grapes into small pieces or of pellet size. Goldfish can easily digest the small pieces. Two to three grapes per week are a good treat for goldfish to eat. You can replace the grapes with raspberries or blueberries. But the excess quantity of grapes can cause intestinal problems. So limit the quantity to keep goldfish healthy.


Watermelon can save your time of boiling or microwaving. They are soft and digestible for goldfish. Just remove the seeds and chop the watermelon into small pieces. Goldfish can eat a larger bite of watermelon as it floats over the water. Watermelon has enough quantity of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory pigments. It will benefit the immune system of goldfish. Therefore, watermelon is a healthy and nutritious occasional snack for goldfish.


Free of fat and excellent in vitamin C concentration, oranges serve as healthy human food for goldfish. Vitamin C helps in the growth and development of the body and also repairs the tissues. It improves the functioning of the immune system and helps in the absorption of ions. So, with all the benefits, oranges are the best and healthy occasional food for goldfish. But oranges can cause diarrhea in goldfish when not properly fed. Remove the seeds of oranges and provide them sparingly to goldfish.

Other Fruits that goldfish can eat

  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries

Can Goldfish Eat Rice

Goldfish can get bored by eating just flakes or live food. They need variations and a balanced diet. Goldfish can eat human food like rice, but there are some concern points related to rice.

Goldfish cannot digest the raw rice at any cost. As goldfish are greedy eater, they will swallow the rice if you through in the tank. But this uncooked rice proves to be lethal for goldfish. It leads to bloating and painful death of goldfish. So, never provide uncooked rice to goldfish.

Properly cook the rice and give some grains to goldfish as an occasional treat. But these cooked rice are also not healthy for goldfish. Rice is rich in carbohydrates.

Goldfish cannot digest carbohydrates. The rice will pass out as waste and goldfish cannot get any nutrients from rice. In the same way, brown rice is difficult to digest for goldfish.

Provide rice to goldfish in case of severe need, not as a staple diet or on a regular basis.

Can Goldfish Eat Oatmeal

Technically, goldfish can eat oatmeal. You should clear the point that oatmeal is not just dry flakes. But the oatmeal is a coarse flour that is made from oat grains.

Oatmeals are gluten-free and have enough concentration of fiber. Rich in antioxidants and filling in nature, they benefit goldfish. So oatmeal is a healthy snack for goldfish. Provide soaked or cooked oatmeals to goldfish to prevents any kind of digestive issue.

You can also add powdered worms or brine shrimp to oatmeal to increase taste and nutrients.

Can Goldfish Eat Corn

In the search terms of what human food can goldfish eat, corn can also be a choice. Corn has a sufficient quantity of fiber and sugar. You can give just one or two cereals of corn to goldfish. Quantity needs to be regulated to keep goldfish active and healthy.

Bottom Line

It is clear now that you should not feed goldfish bread. Goldfish can eat bread but will suffer its losses. Goldfish can eat anything provided to them. So you should look for some healthy alternatives. Goldfish can eat human food from fruits to vegetables and oatmeals. But all these human foods must be a treat or occasional snacks for goldfish. It will not be a substitute for a regular diet on a daily basis.

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